Are you planning to get pregnant within the next 6-12 months? Then read on …

Research has shown that the health and lifestyle of the mother and the father during the six months before they conceive a baby is critical – and may also be associated with adverse outcomes in childhood and later life, including a greater risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and allergy.

The egg and sperm are literally the genetic material for the developing foetus. So, working on your pre-conception nutrition and lifestyle is crucial!

Now is the time to get started, I can help you with:

Optimise your sperm health

Optimise your egg health

Regulate your menstrual cycle and ovulation

Improve your chances of implantation

Get tailored pre-conception supplement advice

Are you struggling to become pregnant? You’re not alone. One in 6 Australian couples experience infertility.

If you have health conditions such as the following, these may affect your fertility.


Insulin resistance




Thyroid conditions

Celiac disease


Nutrition and diet might just be the missing piece of the puzzle! I can help manage your symptoms and provide dietary guidance to help improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Fertility Treatments:

If you are going through fertility treatments such as: Ovulation induction, IUI or IVF, get in touch.

I can help with:

Analysing your pre-conception nutrition supplements

Optimise your weight for fertility treatment

Optimise your egg health

Egg freezing

Boost your implantation rates

Reduce the chances of recurrent Implantation failure

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