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Hey there! Welcome to the
Powered By Nutrition family!

I am Pooja, expert Plant-based Fertility, Pregnancy & Women’s health Dietitian – and the founder of Powered By Nutrition.

I founded PBN to support and empower plant-based people on their journey to start a family – regardless of which stage you’re at .. Whether you’re trying to conceive, have reproductive or health condition, are pregnant or are postpartum – I would love to be a part of your journey.

Nutrition is the single most POWERFUL factor when it comes to boosting your fertility and nourishing your bub during pregnancy. You are unique … one of a kind … and you deserve tailored nutrition advice to meet your own unique nutritional needs. My approach to nutrition is holistic, plant-focused and person-centred.

So come along, discover the POWER OF NUTRITION to fuel your journey to parenthood!

Experience the PBN difference!!

A practice with a cutting edge technology! Exclusive access to our Client Portal app - Where you have access to my Food and Mood & Exercise journal to keep you on track!

One of a kind Personalised Experience - I only work with clients in a 1:1 capacity - there are no Groups here, you won’t be lost in a large Facebook group or a Membership where you can barely talk to the practitioner!

On the contrary, you have me in your pocket! - you get direct access to me via our messenger app, in-between appointments! (*while working within a program)

Omega 3 Testing for my plant-based people and mama’s to be!

Exclusive access to my resource library - find heaps of handouts, resources and recipes! (*while working within a program)

Exclusive access to Practitioner Only Supplements at a discounted price of up-to 15% OFF on RRP!

So, if you are looking for that individualised and personalised nutrition coaching; that extra accountability; that one-on-one support, then let’s work together!

We are covid safe and committed to keeping you safe! All consults and programs can be offered 100% online, for your safety and convenience.

Join my Signature Pre-conception Nutrition Program
“Get Your Body Baby-Ready!”

Get personalised one on one nutrition coaching for your own unique needs. Take the guesswork out and get your own Fertility blueprint!

No longer feeling overwhelmed with your food choices

No more googling and guesswork!

No more restrictive dieting!

Learn what foods can help you boost your chances to conceive

Be confident in making your Fertility Booster Plate (my unique method to create your Pre-conception meals)

Know exactly what supplements to take, based on your own biochemistry!

Know what lifestyle factors might be impacting on your fertility - and how to change them

Learn optimising ovulation

Understand and track ovulation (fertility charting)

Boosting your egg / sperm health

Have a clear and personalised blueprint to get your body baby ready!

Make life long positive impact on your baby's future health!

BONUS: Educational resources, handouts, Fertility Booster Plate Recipe eBook and Example fertility meal plans!

What is an Accredited Practising Dietitian?

In Australia, Dietitian is a protected title, governed by the regulating body Dietitians Australia. Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) are university-qualified nutrition professionals, who provide a range of evidence-based nutrition services, dietary counseling, medical nutrition therapy and much more. APDs also undertake ongoing training and education programs each year, to ensure they provide the most up-to-date and credible source of nutrition information.

In a world full of nutrition misinformation, false promises and quick-fixes … trust and APD to provide evidence-based Medical Nutrition Therapy.

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