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My Philosophy & Approach

In today’s day and age, many conditions are caused by food and lifestyle. Every food choice, that we make or don’t make, has an impact on our health.

When it comes to nutrition, there is no one-size-fits-all! We are all different, and our nutritional needs vary throughout different stages of life. A healthy diet helps promote healthy pregnancy outcomes, supports normal growth and development, aids healthy aging, helps to maintain healthy body weight, and reduces the risk of chronic disease leading to overall health and well-being.

SO, here I am on a mission of imparting knowledge onto individuals and communities about nourishing their bodies and empowering them to build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Mindfulness and intuitive eating are also a key focus of my practice.

I work with each client to develop individualised and realistic nutrition solutions as per their individual requirements, culture, religion, preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Work with me to feel confident that you are getting all the required nutrients and feel more energetic in your day to day life! I will help you understand how your current dietary choices are impacting your health, provide you with relevant resources, recipes and cooking tips, daily lifestyle hacks, and much more!

Photo of Pooja Adhyaru holding a tomato
plant based meal plans

Areas of Special Interest

Nutrition throughout various life stages for people following Plant-based, vegetarian and vegan diets

Plant-based pregnancies – pre, during and postnatal nutrition

Women's health - especially PCOS and hormonal imbalances

Preconception and fertility nutrition

Addressing nutrient deficiencies (for example: iron, B12, folate, Vit D)

Balanced meal planning for plant-based diets

My Story

I have grown up eating predominantly plant-based diets and in a culture where food is more than just food!! It’s nourishment, enjoyment, celebration, a symbol of love and affection. Some household herbs & spices are also used as traditional medicine and beauty treatments. Despite growing up in a metro city, as a child, I often visited farms owned by my grandparents, so I naturally felt connected to fresh food and mother earth. As I grew up, I found it interesting how different foods affected my health, my energy levels, my mood, my skin and my hair.

However, in school, I had multiple interests, I loved science and arts both. So, here I had a dilemma, how do I combine my interest in food, science and arts – Enter Nutrition! Yes, I believe, nutrition is a unique combination of science and arts!

And while I was halfway through my bachelor’s in human nutrition degree, I first came across the concept of the diet and disease relationship! That’s when I decided to study further and become a dietitian, so that I can help people to best manage their health and chronic conditions with medical nutrition therapy.

Pooja Adhyaru Indian Dietitian, Gujarati Dietitian in Melbourne


Specialist Training in PCOS Nutrition for Dietitians

Specialist Training in Fertility Nutrition for Dietitians

Master of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice from Bond University

Bachelor of Human Nutrition from La Trobe university

Certificate IV in Fitness

Certificate III in Fitness

Registered member of the Dietitians Australia


Native: English, Gujarati, Hindi

Intermediate: Punjabi, Marathi, Urdu

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