Plant Based Nutrition

Plantify Me!!!

This is PBN exclusive programme! Learn from someone who has been plant-based their entire life … Even before being plant-based wasn’t so trendy!

Plant-based diets have scientifically proven to be healthier and also have long-term benefits to the environment and the planet.

This program is specifically designed for Plant-curious carnivore’s!! Are you thinking to transition to a plant-based diet? With so much nutrition misinformation out there, It can be overwhelming when you are first starting out! A plant-based or vegan diet requires a lot of careful planning and considerations to ensure that you are not missing out on important nutrients that may result in severe nutrient deficiencies and experience some gastrointestinal symptoms.

  • Understand the fundamentals of a plant-based diet
  • Understand key at-risk nutrients
  • Learn the step by step process of transitioning to a plant-based diet
  • Learn how to build balanced and nutritionally complete meals
  • Become confident in making long-term changes

One, Two- or Three-month programmes available, depending on your requirements.

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