Corporate Nutrition

Investing in your employees’ health can positively contribute to your bottom line! There is more and more research data to show how the quality of diet affects our mood, brain function and performance. Healthy employees are happy employees, more engaged and are certainly more productive!!

Keeping your industry and standards at the centre, I will work with you to develop & implement tailored solutions that suits your employees’ and organisation’s needs.

I have extensive experience as a corporate employee as well as a team leader, this enables me to understand the corporate environment and the challenges faced by employees and management, which helps me to provide tailored solutions.

A range of interactive services tailored for your workplace or organisation, that will inspire your team to look after their health and wellbeing:

  • Workshops
  • Health challenges
  • Nutrition presentations
  • Corporate nutrition seminars
  • Resources and educational materials relevant to your industry
  • Content creation and Copywriting for your newsletters, magazines or websites
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