Brand Consultancy & Copywriting



If your brand vision, mission and philosophy align with those of mine, I would love to work with you! My niche is Vegetarian/Vegan/Plant-based foods.

I work with Agricultural industry, Farmers Markets, Fresh produce growers, Manufacturers of fresh & prepared products, Fast-Moving Consumer Good businesses (FMCGs), Retailers, Catering companies, Restaurants and Cafes.


Recipe Development and Testing:

Keeping your target market and the essence of your brand at the centre, I will create recipes to showcase your product. I only develop Vegetarian/Vegan/Plant-based recipes. I also specialise in developing recipes for specific allergies or intolerances such as:  gluten free, dairy free, nut free, soy free, egg free etc. Including complete nutrition analysis of the recipe.


Marketing, PR and Social Media Collaborations:

If your product will benefit my followers and clients, I would love to collaborate with your business by creating engaging social media posts to help you promote your business.


Content Creation and Copywriting


Don’t have the time and energy to create your social media content or blog posts?

Delegate to me!!

  • Increase your social media presence
  • Increase your reach, engagement and followers
  • Increasing your website traffic

I offer a wide variety of content creation and copywriting services to engage your audience and grow your business. You can be assured that the content will be of highest quality and based upon latest scientific evidence.

I will translate complex nutrition & scientific information into simple and practical advice suitable for your customers and audience.


Social Media posts (Instagram, Facebook) + Captions

  • Choose from standard, foodie or infographics
  • Post designing + well researched captions tailored to your niche
  • Including relevant hashtags
  • All files delivered electronically


Educational or Food/Recipe Blog posts (Ghost writing available)

  • Topic research
  • Blog post text
  • High Res Images (as required)
  • 1x social media snippet
  • 1x SEO headline suggestion
  • 1 round of amendment and proofreading


Email Newsletters

  • Grow your email list and keep your audience engaged with email newsletters
  • Enquire for more details


Website articles

  • Enquire for more details
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